About Us

anada Metals is the brand, operating under Canada Trade Corporation, in the global metal market. Having benefitted from the long experiences in the international metal trading industry, we are one of the global metal traders for a variety of metals. Our main areas of expertise are the following metals: copper sulphide concentrate, lead sulphide/oxide concentrate, zinc sulphide concentrate, alumina, aluminum ingots, iron ore, and iron concentrate.



lobal metal markets have sought high-purity metal concentrates and ingots to use in different industries, such as automotive, aerospace, computer, construction, packaging, and many other industries. The key role of metal traders is defined to source high-quality metals at competitive prices from various mines throughout the world. Without a doubt, everying country requires certain amounts of different types of metals for various purposes.



e, at Canada Metals, deeply believe in ethical principles of our business and we extensively care about the whole operations of supplying for our respected international customers to meet their highly valuable expectations. We have contracts in place with many trusted suppliers, through which, we can supply massive monthly supply of different types of metals. We welcome all international metal buyers to start business with us and establish long-lasting business relations with Canada Metals.